The GIMP is a free image editor for photos and other bitmaps, as well as vector graphics. The program is successfully used in the production of logos, for color adjustment of a photograph, design using a layering of graphic images. The software can delete sections of the picture and convert between different types of files with graphics in the rgb cmyk palettes. In addition, the free image editor is open source, so many users with programming knowledge adapt the program for their own needs.

Key Features of The GIMP Editor:

A comprehensive set of tools for drawing (pencil, brush, clones, etc.);
Parallel processing of several open digital images;
Means of transformation (rotation, tilt, scale, reflection);
Text editing of layers due to alpha channels;
Batch processing, filters, exposure;
Animated graphics in MNG format;
Saving the history of digital images.
Graphic editor GIMP – a free program for graphic design, a worthy alternative to the expensive editor Adobe Photoshop. A somewhat confusing interface with many windows can disorientate the beginner, but if you get used to the system, the user will definitely appreciate the huge potential of the raster and vector graphics program. If you didn’t get used to it, you can always download Photoshop and pay for it monthly.