Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a professional raster graphic image editor that deserves to be called a leader among paid programs. Its rich functionality provides space for the implementation of creative ideas. Correction of graphic images is carried out in ultra-precise mode, processing of each image pixel is possible. Digital photo editing tools in PS allow you to play three-dimensional projects and two-dimensional graphics.

Characteristic features of Adobe Photoshop:

Saving the finished object in PSD format (provides compression of digital images without quality loss);
Raster image processing, editing with convenient toolbar tools;
The advanced, convenient, in comparison with analogs, user interface;
Ultra-smart scaling, advanced control tools with the mouse, keyboard;
Per-pixel creation and editing by hyper-magnification of individual elements of the picture with high definition;
High processing speed provides support for 64-bit processors;
Convenient mode for viewing the photo collection and storing images (in the form of mosaics or on tabs).
Adobe Photoshop is a heavy-duty raster graphics editor for professionals and advanced users. It allows you to work wonders of design art, retouch photos, perform color correction, transform graphic elements, create a collage, color division and other operations. The voluminous set of editing tools and the highest productivity puts the program in the TOP tools for computer graphics.